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  1. Hi! It's Lyn herGeorge in the woods with his balle! I thought I'd start a blog connected to Forest Walkies and Pet Sitters as many of you don't 'do' Face Book or even know about The Blogging World! (Even though I've been living in it  for years and thought it would be easy...but no, it's not. I'm hopeless at anything new!) Anyway, I'll still keep up with the Face Book page and also add a few pictures on Spyder's Corner, where most of you visit me anyway! Thank you bloggers! (Hey! I've just put links in! Lyn does a little jig.... so glad you can't see me!)

    The first pictures I want to add to this post has to be one of George, Rufus or even Alfred, seeing it was those terrible (but very loveable) terriers (Airedales) who got me into dog walking in the first place and also Rocky and Twiggie (two Labradors) who started me off house sitting, cat sitting and also, chicken feeding! Did you know chickens eat mice?! Well, you do now! So bear with me while I hunt out how to add a picture or two! (I've been trying for ages...but can't see the, there might be loads or none at all!!) seems there's none at all! Never mind! My first post on Blogger was a disaster andRufus_ was deleted loads of times!

    I hope to add pictures from the past and slowly catch up with what I'm doing daily. So watch out for your Pooch or puss. If you like, send me some pictures of them when they were puppies or kittens and I'll add them here too. (I'm ever optimistic!)

    Well, there you go! "Persistance conquers everthing!" (who said that?) I'm not sure how I did it (perhaps the fairies helped!) but pictures have appeared! At the top is George in the woods near where he lives. At the bottom is one of Rufus being very very good!! So, I'll stop here, while I'm ahead! Thank you for stopping by!

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The Dog Blog