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For dog walking I tend to operate in the south of the New Forest, generally within a 10 mile radius of Lymington (dependent on client requirements).

For pet sitting I cover a larger area (if resident) covering the whole of the New Forest area and some urban areas such as Totton and west Southampton in the east all the way across to Christchurch, Southbourne and east Bournemouth in the west.

I believe in treating all pets positively and will not use any punitive measures. I love all creatures great and small, even if you have a difficult pet I'd love to come and meet him/her and discuss how I can help. Just contact me on the number or email address above.

Dog Walking

Dog walks are agreed to suit your dogs needs, the length of the walk will depend on your dog's health and age, which I will discuss with you. As a guide most walks are around 40 - 50 minutes, may involve games and play and off leash activity (if agreed with owner). I will need to assess any aggressive   behaviour individually before agreeing to the walk.

Pet Sitting

If you're away on holiday, business, emergency or hospital stay then this service could be for you. It avoids  putting your pet into boarding and causing them unwanted stress. This is particularily important if your pet is elderly and needs familiar surroundings to avoid anxiety. I will stay in your home to make sure that your pet is properly looked after for the duration of your absence. This involves, feeding, walking, grooming and any other requirements that your pet needs.Additionally, you have the added assurance that your home is safe and secure whilst you are away. I will make it look lived in and keep it secure during your time away and take on other household duties such as keeping the house clean, picking up the post and watering plants (we will agree this at our initial consultation). I will also keep a log, for your benefit, of your pet's activities with me, tradesmen on site and all visitors who have called. I can also email you with your pet's progress on a daily basis if you request this. I will also require details of another person who can make emergency decisions on your behalf, should this be necessary.

Home Visits

I also offer home visits for your cat or small animal once or twice a day so that you know they are being fed and looked after whilst you're away. This involves one or two visits a day, for feeding, cleaning away and replacing old food bowls and water. Then  usually a little play and hugs. We can then  alternate  lights, check security and post etc, whatever you  require. Please contact me on the number or email address above for more details about this service.


Please feel free to contact me if the service you require isn't mentioned above

I am happy to negotiate for any other requirements you may have

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